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*Sections 01-19: On LSU Eunice campus
*Sections 20-29: Web-based Full Semester
*Sections 30-34: Summer Term B courses
*Sections 35-39: Summer Term C courses
*Sections 40-41: Compressed Video
*Sections 42-49: Distance Education courses
*Sections 50-59: Evening courses
*Sections 60-69: Off-Campus courses
*Sections 70-79: Hybrid courses
*Sections 80-89: Modular format courses
*Sections 90-99: Lab courses
*Sections A1-AZ: Courses taught at LSU - Alexandria
*Sections B1-BZ: Courses taught at LSU - Baton Rouge
*Sections C1-C4: Term B courses
*Sections C6-C9: Term C courses
*Sections D1-DZ: Dual Enrollment courses
*Sections I1-I9: Inter-session Face-to-face courses
*Sections L1-L4: LSU Online Term B courses (fall and spring)
*Sections L6-L9: LSU Online Term C courses (fall and spring)
*Sections L1-L9: LSU Online courses (summer only)
*Sections M1-MZ: Modular format courses
*Sections S1-S9: LSU Online 16 week courses (fall and spring)
*Sections T1-TZ: TRACK courses
*Sections V1-V9: Courses for Veterans

LSU Eunice Building Codes
A - Anthony Mumphrey Center
C - Community Education Building *NEW
H - Health & PE Building
M - Manuel Hall
S - Science Building
T - Health Technology Building

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